Description Price
285SING-bag singlet large 500's
280BAKE3-baking paper emperor 300mm x 100m
280BAKE2-baking paper essente 450mm x 100m (4)
280BAKE-baking paper foodfirst/emperor 450mm x 100m (6)
275TAKEHAML-box hamburger takeaway large green choice kraft pla 100's(5)
275TAKELAR-box takeaway large green choice kraft pla 50's (4)
275TAKEMED-box takeaway medium green choice kraft pla 50's(4)
280CB-cake boards 8" round silver 50pk (2mm thickness)
280CB9-cake boards 9" 229mm round silver 50pk (2mm thickness)
280FOIL1-catering foil 440mm x 150m foodfirst/emperor
280FOIL-catering foil 440mm x 90m foodfirst / emperor (6)
280WRAP1-cling film emperor 330mm x 300m (6)
280WRAP3-cling film foodfirst 450mm x 600m (6)
280WRAP-cling film foodfirst/emperor 330mm x 600m
280WRAP2-cling wrap 45cmx600m essente / emperor
280CON3-container foam food box 100's (3)
280LID2-container lids white pail 4l (25) pre order
280LID-container lids rectangle 50's (900/142)
280LID165-container lids round for 165ml container (900-072) (20)
280LID250-container lids round for 250ml container (900-114) (10)
280HTP1L-container plastic lids for 1200ml huhtamaki (35 per pkt)
280CON-container plastic rectangle 1000ml 50's (900/127) emperor
280CON1-container plastic rectangle 750ml 50's (900/125)
280CON365-container plastic round 165ml 50's (900-071) (20)
280CON250-container plastic round 250ml 50's (900-103) (10)
280HTP1-container plastic trays 1200ml huhtamaki (35 per pkt)
280CON5-container white pail 4l (25) pre order
280CHR-cream chargers best whip 10 pack
275CUP12C-cup clear ecocup pla 360ml 12oz 1000's ecoware (1)
275CUP16C-cup clear ecocup pla 500ml 16oz 1000's ecoware (1)
275CUP23C-cup clear ecocup pla 700ml 23oz 1000's ecoware (1)
275CUP12-cup single wall 12oz green choice pla 50's (20)
275CUP16-cup single wall 16oz green choice pla 50's (20)
275CUP8-cup single wall 8oz green choice pla 50's (20)
273CUP121-cups 12oz "its always coffee time" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP122-cups 12oz "waves" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP162-cups 16oz "pattern" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP161-cups 16oz "tree" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP82-cups 8oz "it doesn't matter" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP81-cups 8oz "nazar bullseyes" 1000cups/ctn nazar
273CUP80-cups 8oz coffee single wall emperor 1000 cups/ctn
273CUPW-cups paper white 155ml3000 cups/ctn ( water cooler cups )
275CUTW-cutlery set wooden 100 per pack (4) - pre-order
280FIL-filter grease cones (fat filters) pkt of 50
280TRAY2-foil tray catering x-large deep rectangle 50s (pre order)
275FORK-fork white green choice cpla 50's (20)
275KNIFE-knife white green choice cpla 50's (20)
275KNIFEW-knife wooden 100 per pack (10) - pre-order
275LIDC-lid dome lid with hole 96m pla 1000's ecoware (1)
275LID-lid green choice pla 50's white (20)
273LIDSUNI-lids unicup plastic for nazar/mozaik/casablanca only
280SMOK-liquid smoke hickory culley's 150ml (24)
280MUF6-muffin gobake baking cups 50 x 33mm 1000 per pack
280MUF7-muffin gobake baking cups 56 x 45mm 1000 per pack
280MUF-muffin jaytee baking cups 100 per pack 50x32mm
280MUF1-muffin jaytee baking cups texas size 100 per pack 57x44mm
280MUF3-muffin paper wraps large brown 100 sleeve 60x175mm
280MUF5-muffin paper wraps large brown 1000 carton pre order
280MUF2-muffin paper wraps large white 100 sleeve 60x175mm
280MUF4-muffin paper wraps large white 1000 carton
280SER1-napkin lunch 1ply white 500s x 6/ctn super soft grace vs500
275NAPKIN-napkin lunch 8 fold kraft ecoware (1)
285FLOR-neutral cleaner 5 litre
275NOODLEM-noodle box kraft pla 26oz ecoware 500's (1)
275NOODLEL-noodle box kraft pla 32oz ecoware 500's (1)
280PIP-pipettes 3ml (1ml droplet) 500 pieces per carton
285PIP1-piping bag disposable large 21" (100 per pack) (10)
275PIZZA-pizza box kraft 12" pla ecoware 100's (1)
280PIZZA-pizza boxes 12 inch emperor 50 per pack
280PIZZA1-pizza boxes 12 inch gourmet 50 per pack (3)
280SCALE-scale paper mono 1000's (5)
280SCOUR-scouring pad green pack of 10
280SCOUR1-scouring pad nylon chux heavy duty 12's (12)
280SER3-serviettes / napkin lunch 1ply 8 f nazar eye (6000 per ctn)
280SER2-serviettes dinner white quilted 8 f nazar (1008/c)
280SER-serviettes white 1ply lunch 500s pack -emperor/chef's friend
280SKEW1-skewers bamboo 6 inch (15cm) 100's
280SKEW-skewers bamboo 8 inch (20cm) 100's
280SKEW3-skewers knotted cocktail picks bamboo 90mm 100's
280SKEWP1-skewers paddle bamboo 6 inch (15cm) 100's
280SKEWP2-skewers paddle bamboo 8 inch (20cm) 100's
275SPDW-spoon desert wooden 100 per pack (10) - pre-order
275SPOON2-spoon heavy duty spoon white pp emperor 100s (20)
273STRAW1-spoon straws multi coloured 250's (40)
275SPOON-spoon white green choice cpla 50's (20)
275STRAW-straw white paper regular ecoware 197x6mm 2500's (1)
273STRAW2-straws black flexi 250's (40)
273STRAW3-straws black cocktail 1000's (10)
273STRAW4-straws paper blue and white stripe 6x197mm 250 per bag
280PICK-toothpicks catering pack of 1000 (unwrapped)
275TRAY-tray 4 cup carrier ecoware 200's (1)
280VAC-vac pack bag 200 x 250 (1kg bag) (pack of 100)
280VAC1-vac pack bag 250 x 350 (2kg bag) (pack of 100)
280VAC2-vac pack bag 390 x 500 (5kg bag) (pack of 100) - pre order