Description Price
005BO3-atlantic salmon fillet skin on pin boned - fresh
030SHRI-beef short ribs prime steer per kg
250BEET-beetroot baby whole watties a/10 (3)
160PCU1-butter pcu craigs 9gram x 100 (6)
163BUTT-buttermilk cultured meadow fresh 600ml (12)
257CHIL2-chilli mixed puree knorr 750gm (2)
201SCHIP-chutney sweet tomato & smoked chipotle prep kitchen 1kg (6)
154COL1-colby sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
162COT5-cottage cheese meadow fresh 500g (6)
015SOFT-crab soft shell 1kg
162CC5-cream cheese meadow fresh 2kg (6)
154EDAM1-edam sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
130EMP1-empanada crab & corn united food co 16's
130EMP-empanada prawn & squid united food co 16's
250CAPDI-frozen capsicum diced green 1kg - 9906
250CAPDI2-frozen capsicum diced red 1kg - 9982
210FRUI1-fruit salad in syrup oak a/10 (3)
248GAR9-garlic puree knorr 750gm
249GIN6-ginger puree knorr 750gm (2)
261BROWN-gluten free brown loaf allergywise (15)
261HAM1-gluten free hamburger bun white 6 pack allergywise (12)
261PIZ-gluten free pizza bases 30cm 2 pack allergywise (8)
261HAM-gluten free seeded burger buns 6pack allergywise (12)
261TURK-gluten free turkish pide 5 pack allergywise (12)
261STICK-gluten free white bread sticks 2 pack allergywise (18)
261WHITE-gluten free white loaf allergywise (15)
130IND-indian mixed platter finger food 20 gram 50 piece 1kg
201MAY9-mayonnaise hellmans deli 10kg
201MAY8-mayonnaise hellmans deli 2.6kg (4)
280MUF3-muffin paper wraps large * brown * 100 sleeve 60x175mm
280MUF5-muffin paper wraps large * brown * 1000 carton -preorder
280MUF2-muffin paper wraps large * white * 100 sleeve 60x175mm
280MUF4-muffin paper wraps large * white * 1000 carton
200COT-oil cotton seed 20l
012OYB-oysters bluff fresh 1 doz - barnes- seasonal (pots)
210PEAR4-pear quarters in syrup oak 3kg (3)
256PUREE-peppercorn puree mixed knorr 750gram (2)
199PEP-peppermint essence natural 500ml gobake (6)
114PIZZA-pizza combo mix 1kg
210PLUM-plums black doris a10 watties (3)
008PM-prawn meat raw supermix (60/80)1kg
162RIC3-ricotta puhoi 900gm (3)
005BO5-salmon fillets alaskan (sockeye) frozen per kg
201AIOLI-sauce aioli with roast garlic prep kitchen 1kg (6)
201BBQ3-sauce bbq watties 5l (3)
201HOLL-sauce hollandaise prep kitchen 1kg (6)
201TOMBU-sauce tomato buitoni sugo al pomodoro coulis 3kg (6)
201TOMHNZ-sauce tomato ketchup heinz 4l (3)
201TOMWAT-sauce tomato watties 5l (3)
201WOR-sauce worcestershire lea & perrins 2lt (4)
130SCC-scallops crumbed shore mariner 1kg
155SMO-smoked cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
162SC4-sour cream 2kg meadow fresh (6)
199RAIN2-sprinkles bright rainbow 100s and 1000s 1.5kg
199CHOCH1-sprinkles chocolate hail 1kg
199RAIN1-sprinkles rainbow hail 1kg
010SQT3-squid tubes u/10 1kg
155SWI1-swiss cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
247PAS3-tomato pasta sauce sugo per pasta buitoni 3kg (6)
004TUN9-tuna flakes in springwater 1kg pouch (6)
199VANESS2-vanilla essence 2l gobake (6)