Image Description Price
210APR-apricot halves in syrup a10 oak (3)
090STR4-bacon streaky raw manuka smoked hellers 1kg twin pack (10)
090STR61-bacon streaky sweet and smokey thick cut 1kg (5)
260BAGEL7-bagels plain 90gram 40's french bakery 150
260BAO2-bao bun steamed bbq chicken baolicious 150gm x 24
260BAO1-bao bun steamed bbq pork baolicious 150gmx24
260BAO41-bao burger bun steamed black 100gram x 60 vegan baolicious
260BAO42-bao burger bun steamed white 100gram x 60 vegan baolicious
002BAS2-basa fillets frozen (225gm+) 5kg
241BAKED-beans baked watties a/10 (3)
250BEAN1-beans green whole watties frozen 2kg (6)
120VS2-beef & veal 1/6 reduction glace 500gm stock shop frozen (20)
250BEET2-beetroot large slices watties a/10 (3)
211BLUE-blueberries frozen barnicoat (10)
220CHOCOL-cake chocolate & hazelnut layered mousse cake sudano (8)
154BUR-cheddar slices natural american style dairyworks 1kg (4)
220WHITE-cheesecake baked white chocolate & ginger sudano (8)
210CHERPIT-cherries dark sweet frozen pitted 1kg (10)
195CHOCWB-chocolate buttons docello snowcap white 5kg nestle
195CHOCCAD3-chocolate compound bakers dark kibble docello 5kg nestle
195CHOCCAD1-chocolate couverture docello royal dark 5kg nestle
110CHI-chorizo imported primo gluten free 1kg (5)
201FRU1-chutney fruit cerebos 4.7kg (3)
201PEACH1-chutney peach & mango whitlock & sons 2kg (3)
220CRAC-cookie raspberry chia chocolate crackle 12 x 80gm sudano (8)
135CORN1-corn patties mini 50 x 25gm wild chef (10) gf/df/v
130BCRST-crab sticks battered 1kg shore mariner (10)
163CREAM2-cream unsweetened dairy whip spraycan tatua 500gm (12)
220BRU-creme brulee mix docello 2kg nestle (6)
162CUST-custard vanilla foster & clarks uht 1l (12)
271CHOC-drinking chocolate ultimate indulgent 1kg (10)
271CHOC1-drinking chocolate ultimate indulgent 3kg
130EMP1-empanada crab & corn united food co 16's (10)
130EMP-empanada prawn & squid united food co 16's (10)
135FQ-feta & quinoa veggie pattie 30 x 130gm wild chef (6)
222BLU-filling blueberry patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
222BOY-filling boysenberry patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
222PEA-filling peach & passionfruit patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
222RHU1-filling rhubarb and apple patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
222APP-filling spiced apple patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
222STR-filling strawberry patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
250CAPSL-frozen capsicum sliced green sea breeze 1kg 9983 (10)
250CAPSL1-frozen capsicum sliced red sea breeze 1kg 9984 (10)
250SPI-frozen spinach leaf ball 1kg - 9912 (10)
205JUS2-gravy jus sauce mix knorr gluten free 1.8kg (6)
257HAR-harissa premium 500gm
231VBEA-ice cream vanilla bean indulgenz 5l
154JAL-jalapeno colby cheese slices dairyworks 1kg (4)
135LAS3-lasagne beef gluten free portions 6 x 300gm pasta d'oro (8)
135LAS4-lasagne pumpkin gluten free portions 6 x 300gm p/ d'oro (8)
270LEM-lemon juice 1ltr fruzio (12)
256LEM1-lemon pepper seasoning 680gm masterfoods (6)
270LIME-lime juice 1ltr fruzio (12)
120LS1-lobster stock 1kg the stock shop frozen (10)
220LOG-log black forest 1.1kg sudano (8)
163ALM-milk almond for professionals 1l alpro (8)
163COCO-milk coconut professional 1l alpro (12)
163SOY1-milk soya professional alpro 1 litre (12)
220MOCH-mousse mix chocolate 1.9kg nestle docello (6)
220MOFV-mousse mix french vanilla 1.8kg (6) nestle docello
220MOST-mousse mix strawberry 1.9kg (6) nestle docello
280MUF6-muffin gobake baking cups 50 x 33mm 1000 per pack (5)
280MUF7-muffin gobake baking cups 56 x 45mm 1000 per pack (5)
280MUF3-muffin paper wraps large brown 100 sleeve 60x175mm (10)
280MUF5-muffin paper wraps large brown 1000 carton
280MUF2-muffin paper wraps large white 100 sleeve 60x175mm (10)
280MUF4-muffin paper wraps large white 1000 carton
220MUF-muffins mini mixed sweet 30 x 50 gram sudano (3)
011MUMT-mussel meat 1kg a grade (10)
120MS1-mussel stock greenshell 1kg the stock shop frozen (10)
010OCB-octopus baby 1kg (10)
220PANN2-panna cotta mix docello 2kg nestle (6)
180FET-pasta fettucine gluten free fresh/froze 1kg pasta d'oro (10)
180LAS1-pasta lasagne sheet rolls 2kg pasta d'oro (6)
201PES3-pesto basil prima 1kg (6)
201PESTOM-pesto sundried tomato prima 1kg (6)
250POTF-potato flakes gluten free 4kg (makes 30kg)
008PCBT4-prawn cutlet 21/25 1kg (10)
008PWC2-prawn white tiger whole cooked 16/20 5kg
257RAS-ras el hanout premium 500gm
211RASP-raspberries frozen 1kg (10)
201BEET3-relish beetroot & balsamic whitlock & sons 2kg (3)
201ONION1-relish caramelised onion whitlock & sons 2kg (3)
201PICCA-relish piccalilli cerebos 2.6kg (3)
142ROSPHV-rosti potato & fresh herb vegan 30 x 60gm wild chef (8)
201HOL3-sauce hollandaise garde d'or knorr 1l (6)
201SAT-sauce satay masterfoods 2.7kg (6)
201SWEET-sauce sweet & sour masterfoods 2.7kg (6)
201PCU2-sauce tartare pcu masterfoods squeeze on 14gram x 100
201PCU3-sauce tomato pcu masterfoods squeeze on 14gram x 100
110PCOOK2-sausages precooked 8" hellers 5kg (4)
013CAN-scallops canadian / usa roe off 10/20 1kg (10)
259GAR-seasoning garlic & herb 700gm masterfoods (6)
130POP-shrimp popcorn 60/90 1kg (10)
220BRO5-slice brownie chocolate & marbled jelly 2.7kg sudano (4)
220COCO-slice chocolate coconut rough vegan gf sudano 20 x 70gm (8)
220RASP1-slice raspberry & chia vegan/df/gf 20 x 75gm sudano (8)
260SLID-sliders french bakery 50's 025
271BOOST1-smoothie booster 12 x 180gm serious smoothies ctn
271DETOX3-smoothie detox 12 x 180gm serious smoothie ctn
271ENERG2-smoothie energise 12 x 180gm serious smoothies ctn
271REBOOT-smoothie reboot 12 x 180gm serious smoothie ctn
241SPAG-spaghetti watties a/10 (3)
199RAIN2-sprinkles bright rainbow 100s and 1000s 1.5kg (12)
199CHOCH1-sprinkles chocolate hail 1kg gobake (12)
199RAIN1-sprinkles rainbow hail 1kg gobake (12)
130CS-squid chilli 1kg pacific west (3)
010SQT5-squid tubes baby 40/60 1kg (10)
257SUM2-sumac 500gm
154TAS2-tasty cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
247NAP-tomatoes crushed pronto napoli knorr 4.15kg (3)
260TORT31-tortilla 12" white flour farrah ambient 12's (12)
260TORT9-tortilla 8" white flour farrah 12's (12)
199VANP5-vanilla bean paste gobake 600ml (6)
199VANESS2-vanilla essence immitation 2l gobake (6)
260WRAP1-wrap cricket flour rebel bakehouse 8's ambient (12)
260WRAP4-wrap hemp seed rebel bakehouse 8's ambient (12)
260WRAP2-wrap purple corn rebel bakehouse 8's ambient (12)
260WRAP3-wrap spinach rebel bakehouse 8's ambient (12)