All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
001BC3-blue cod skin on bone out
001BC1-blue cod skinned & boned
001BC2-blue cod whole ggs per kg
001BM2-blue moki skin on bone out
001BM-blue moki skinned & boned
001BLU1-bluenose skin on bone out per kg
001BLU-bluenose skinned & boned
001BLU2-bluenose whole ggs per kg
001DCO-deep sea cod / ribaldo skinned & boned
001BN2-fish bones fresh per kg (pre-order 1 day)
001GEM-gem fish skinned and boned
003SMKAH2-kahawai fillets smoked (approx 1kg)
001LIN2-ling skin on, bone out
001LIN-ling skinned & boned
001MON4-monk (star gazer) skinned & boned 10kg nz shatter frozen
001MON2-monk skin on bone out
001MON1-monk skinned & boned
001RCOD3-red cod skin on bone out
001RCOD1-red cod skinned & boned
001SNA9-snapper frames with heads per kg (pre order 1 day)
001SNA5-snapper heads per kg
001SNA3-snapper skin on bone out
001SNA2-snapper skinned & boned
001SNA4-snapper whole ggs per kg
001TAR2-tarakihi skin on bone out
001TAR7-tarakihi skinned & boned 80-175g 5kg nz individually frozen
001TAR3-tarakihi whole ggs per kg
001TREV3-trevally skin on bone out
001TREV1-trevally skinned & boned
001TREV2-trevally whole per kg