Image Description Price
200DRIP-beef dripping farmlands 435gm frozen (24 per ctn)
200AVO4-oil avocado extra virgin 500ml olivado
200AVO2-oil avocado extra virgin lemon zest olivado 250ml (6)
200AVO9-oil avocado infused with basil olivado 250ml (6)
200AV05-oil avocado infused with chilli olivado 250ml (6)
200AVO8-oil avocado infused with garlic olivado 250ml (6)
200AVO7-oil avocado infused with lime olivado 250ml
200AVO6-oil avocado infused with rosemary olivado 250ml
200BTRU-oil black truffle mas portell / pons 250ml (6)
200CTR-oil canola 20l check tin / jerry
200CAN2-oil canola bag in box bakels 13.5kg with tap 5118
200CAN-oil canola bag in box harvest 20l 5107
200COCO6-oil coconut blue coconut 4lt (2)
200COCO5-oil coconut essente 17kg pail
200COCO2-oil coconut essente 2.5l (3)
200COCO4-oil coconut extra virgin blue coconut 4lt
200COC05-oil coconut extra virgin organic olivado 500ml
200MAND1-oil colonna mandarin infused 250ml (9)
200SPRAY-oil cooking spray real ease 450gm (12)
200COT-oil cotton seed 20l 5103
200EVO7-oil extra virgin olive oil & sunflower blend pons 5l (3)
201LEM1-oil extra virgin with lemon mas portell 250ml (6)
200GRAPE1-oil grapeseed 5l (3)
200GRAPE-oil grapeseed 1l (12)
200HAZ-oil hazelnut 250ml
200MUS5-oil mustard markfed/kashish 5l (4)
200CAN3-oil nz canola bag in box home grown bakels 13.5kg 5108
200EVO9-oil olive extra virgin 3l taris
200EVO1-oil olive extra virgin 3l tin luglio (italy) / la mamma (4)
200EVO4-oil olive extra virgin aurora 4l (3)
200EVO2-oil olive extra virgin foodies latest season 5l (aust.)
200EVO3-oil olive extra virgin iliada kalamata pdo 5l (4)
200FEN-oil olive extra virgin infused with fennel pons 500ml (12)
200POM2-oil olive pomace 15l bib
200POM4-oil olive pomace 3l tin la mamma (italy) (4)
200POM3-oil olive pomace 3l tin luglio (italy) (4)
200POM1-oil olive pomace 3l tin odyssey (greece) (4)
200POM5-oil olive pomace 3l tin olive island (4)
200PEA1-oil peanut 5l (3) pre-order
200RICE-oil rice bran blend bib bakels 13.5kg 5114
200RICE1-oil rice bran pure 15l bib simply
200SES2-oil sesame seed blended (with soy) 5l check (4)
200SES1-oil sesame seed essente 1 litre (12)
200SES12-oil sesame seed pure 2l tin check (6)
200SES-oil sesame seed pure dark kuki (japan) 1.65l (6)
200SES0-oil sesame seed pure kaizuka (japan) 1.8l (6)
200CHEF-oil shortening chef royale 20kg 5105
200FF-oil shortening foodfirst 20kg 5100
200FRY-oil shortening fryday 20kg 5119
200SHORT-oil shortening vegetable fry rite 20kg 5102
200SOY-oil soyabean check 20l (bag in box)
200WAL-oil walnut 500ml - pre order
200WTRU-oil white truffle pons/mas portell 250ml (6)
201AIOLI3-sauce aioli free range hellmans 2.35kg (4)
201BLACK-sauce black bean & garlic lee kum lee 2.27kg (6)
201CHILB-sauce chilli bean lee kum lee 226g (12)
201AIOLI2-sauce garlic aioli 6.2l kiwi style (3) 1068
200SUN1-sunflower oil 2l (6)
200SUN2-sunflower oil 5l (4)