All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
110BEEFAB-awhi farms angus beef breakfast sausages fresh
110BEEFA-awhi farms angus beef sausages fresh
110BEGUS-beef & guiness sausages fresh (preorder - 3kg minimum)
110BEEFB-beef plain breakfast sausages precooked
110SM1-beef sausage meat
110BEEF-beef sausages fresh
110BEEF1-beef sausages precooked 80gram per kg
110BP-black pudding fresh/frozen - approx 1kg each oos
110CHEERIO-cheerio's hellers 3kg bag - pre order
110CHIC2-chicken & sage sausages 6cm **raw ** 40g 5kg min order
110CHOR-chorizo breakfast local per kg (8 per pkt, 11cm long)
112CHOR1-chorizo extra piccante atm 1kg (4)
110CHI-chorizo imported primo gluten free 1kg (5)
110CHSPAN1-chorizo spanish primo 1kg (5)
110CHSPAN-chorizo spanish hellers 1kg (8)
110CUM-cumberland sausages breakfast 10cm raw per kg
110CUM2-cumberland sausages breakfast 6cm raw per kg
110CUM1-cumberland sausages standard fresh 5" (bbq size 80g) per kg
110FRANK-frankfurters 1kg hellers (8) 5259
110HANK-hank - sausage casing
110ITALBR-italian breakfast sausages precooked (preorder - 2 day lt)
110KRANBR-kransky cheese & bacon small
110MER2-lamb merguez sausage meat (preorder - 2 day lt)
110MER-lamb merguez sausages fresh (preorder - 2 day lt)
110LMR-lamb, mint & rosemary sausages fresh (preorder - 2 day lt)
110LMR1-lamb, mint & rosemary sausages raw 6cm 40g 5kg min order
110PORK3-pork & apple sausages per kg
110PFEN-pork and fennel sausages fresh
110PBRAT-pork bratwurst sausage - fresh/frozen per kg
110PKBR1-pork breakfast sausages small 6cm precooked
110SM-pork sausage meat
110SM2-pork sausage meat - free range
110PORK1-pure pork sausages fresh
110PCOOK2-sausages precooked 8" hellers 5kg (4) 5216
110SAV-saveloys 5kg hellers pre order
110VENSM1-smoked venison sausage fresh/frozen
110SBRAT-spicy bratwurst sausage 2kg hellers (4) 5193
110VEN-venison sausages raw fresh (preorder - 2 day lt)