All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
163ALMM7-almond milk barista adc the alternative 1l (12)
195CHOCBUD-chocolate compound budlets dark 3kg (4)
080DR-duck roasted aromatic 535g
155CCS-goat cheese log french chevre yolo 1kg
190MAP5-maple flavoured syrup french maid 2l (6)
163OAT3-milk oat barista adc the alternative 1ltr (12)
200CAN-oil canola bag in box harvest 20l
200EVO2-oil olive extra virgin foodies latest season 5l
050BE2-pork belly - skin on, bone out imported - frozen
135PORK-pulled pork 1kg leader (10)
005POR2-salmon portions frozen 30 x 180gm norwegian
201HON1-sauce honey mustard 2l french maid (6)
201TYAKI-sauce teriyaki french maid 2l (6)
013IMP2-scallops imported 30/40 1kg (10) 3011
006CS7-smoked salmon sliced blackstar 1kg
163SOY7-soy milk barista adc the alternative 1l (12)
247PAS2-tomato paste yolo 4.5kg (4)
247DI6-tomatoes chopped organic 2.5kg