All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
090STR11-bacon streaky danish free range precooked hellers 1kg (5)
250BEET2-beetroot large slices watties a/10 (3)
211BLUE-blueberries frozen barnicoat 1kg (10)
260BUFF-buffet rolls 25gm 50's french bakery 060
155BURR-burrata frozen 125g (18)
257BUT-butter chicken recipe mix maggi 1.8kg (6)
259CAJ-cajun seasoning 520gm masterfoods (6)
250CAR-carrots baby 2kg watties frozen (6)
210CHERPIT-cherries dark sweet frozen pitted 1kg (10)
199COCM1-coconut milk powder maggi 1kg (12)
154COL1-colby sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
250CORN6-corn kernals supersweet frozen 2kg watties (6)
201CAES-dressing caesar seriously good heinz 900ml (6)
154EDAM1-edam sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
250SPI-frozen spinach leaf ball 1kg - 9912 (10)
260GARSP-garlic pistolet 50gram 100's french bakery 115
205JUS2-gravy jus sauce mix knorr gluten free 1.8kg (6)
100SHA-ham rbl shaved - ryans approx 1.3kg
270LEM-lemon juice 1ltr fruzio (12)
270LIME-lime juice 1ltr fruzio (12)
019MAR2-marinara mix sea treasure/sea breeze 1kg (10)
201MAY3-mayonnaise seriously good heinz 900ml (6)
201SWE-mayonnaise sweet chipotle seriously good heinz 900g
011MUMT-mussel meat 1kg a grade (10)
201MUS3-mustard dijon colmans 2.35kg (2)
201MUS4-mustard english colmans 2.50kg (2)
201MWS-mustard seeded (wholegrain) masterfoods 2.5kg (6)
201MUS6-mustard wholegrain colmans 2.2kg (2)
008PCBT3-prawn cutlet 16/20 1kg (10)
008PK3-prawn kebab garlic 20 skewers per pkt 1kg (10)
201AIOL-sauce aioli seriously good heinz 900ml (6)
201SAT-sauce satay masterfoods 2.7kg (6)
247COUL-sauce tomato buitoni sugo al pomodoro coulis 3kg (6)
201TOMPCU-sauce tomato watties pcu 8ml x 300
130SCC-scallops crumbed shore mariner 1kg (10)
009S3-shrimp 90/120 1kg (10)
260SLID-sliders french bakery 50's 025
232BLUE-sorbet blueberry indulgenz 5 litre
232BOYS-sorbet boysenberry indulgenz 5 litre (dnr)
232COCO-sorbet coconut vegan indulgenz 5 litre
232FEIJ-sorbet feijoa indulgenz 5l
232LEM2-sorbet lemon lime indulgenz 5 litre
232LIME-sorbet lime indulgenz 5 litre (dnr)
232MAND-sorbet mandarin indulgenz 5 litre (dnr)
232MAN-sorbet mango indulgenz 5 litre
232ORAN-sorbet orange indulgenz 5 litre
232PASS-sorbet passion fruit indulgenz 5 litre (dnr)
232RASP-sorbet raspberry indulgenz 5 litre
232STRAW-sorbet strawberry indulgenz 5 litre
231TOFA-sorbet toffee apple indulgenz 5l
130SQRC1-squid rings crumbed formed 1kg s/treasure (5)
120BSC-stock beef concentrated chef liquid 200ml (6)
120CSC-stock chicken concentrated chef liquid 200ml (6)
120FSC-stock fish concentrated chef liquid 200ml (6)
120LSC-stock lamb concentrated chef liquid 200ml (6)
120MSC-stock mushroom concentrated chef liquid 190ml (6)
120VSC-stock vegetable concentrated chef liquid 200ml (6)
155SWI1-swiss cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
247PAS3-tomato pasta sauce sugo per pasta buitoni 3kg (6)
247PU3-tomato puree watties a/10 (3)
260TORT31-tortilla 12" white flour farrah ambient 12's (12)