All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
031DIH-beef diced awhi farms 25mm per kg
031MI-beef mince awhi farms ~85% vl per kg
030SHRIF-beef short ribs prime steer frozen per kg
110CHIC2-chicken & sage sausages 6cm **raw ** 40g 5kg min order
071BB12-chicken breast skin on 12kg
071DR12-chicken drumstick 12kg
015LUMP-crab meat lump cooked 450gram (20)
080DR-duck roasted aromatic 535g
222LEM-filling lemon curd 1.25kg barkers (4)
222APP-filling spiced apple patisserie 1.25kg barkers (4)
070BBG-free range chicken breast skin on graded (170-190g) per kg
070BB-free range chicken breast skin on per kg
070MI-free range chicken mince per kg
002GUR6-gurnard skinned & boned 80-115g 5kg nz individually frozen
285SOAP3-hand soap liquid economy green rhino 5lt grs1-5
006HOT1-hot smoked salmon sides per kg
040FLAP-lamb flaps
040KOF-lamb kofta 80g approx per ea
040MI-lamb mince
201MAY4-mayonnaise hellmans real 2.4kg (4)
201MAY11-mayonnaise hellmans vegan 2.4kg (4)
200EVO1-oil olive extra virgin 3l tin mancini/basso
051COL-pork collar boneless frozen per kg
050BALL-pork meatball 60gram each
050MI-pork mince
051SH-pork shoulder boneless frozen per kg
008PCBT3-prawn cutlet 16/20 1kg
008PCBT5-prawn cutlet 26/30 1kg
114PROSS1-prosciutto sliced simonini/villani per kg
135PORK6-pulled pork grandpas 400g frozen
201AIOLI3-sauce aioli free range hellmans 2.35kg (4)
220GFCS-slice caramel gluten free florentines 30x20cm (6)
220SNI-slice snickers vegan gluten free florentines 30x20cm
285SOAPE-soap enviro foaming hand soap 5lt grs4-5
285SOAPW-soap enviro liquid vanilla g/rhino 5lt - grg7-5
285SOAP1-soap foam kitchen anti-bacterial 5lt grs5-5
001TAR7-tarakihi skinned & boned 115-175g 5kg nz individually frozen
247DI5-tomatoes crushed 10x10mm 15kg
260TORT31-tortilla 12" white flour farrah ambient 12's
135HGCB-vegetarian chargrilled bites harvest gormet 2kg
161NAT-yoghurt natural epicurean 4l (4)