All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
050EAR-pig ears - pre order 5 day lead time
050WPIG-pig suckling whole (baby pig) 20 - 35kg pre order only
050PIG-pig whole - pre order 3 days
050BFAT2-pork back fat mince
050BFAT-pork back/loin fat
050BE1-pork belly - skin off, bone out new zealand
050BE5-pork belly - skin on, bone out new zealand
050BE8-pork belly - skin on, bone out new zealand 4kg+
050BE5POR-pork belly - skin on, bone out new zealand portioned per kg
050BN-pork bones
9050BN-pork bones per kg
050CRE-pork crepinette / caul fat (~3kg) per kg
050CUT-pork cutlets
050HOCK1-pork hocks - pre order (2 days)
050LEG2-pork leg - skin off, bone out
050LEG4-pork leg boned & rolled portioned
050LOIN3-pork loin - boned & rolled
050LOIN4-pork loin - skin on, bone in
050LOIN7-pork loin boned (portioned 120 - 150 g) per kg
050LCH-pork loin chops
050LCH250-pork loin chops 250gm per kg
050BALL-pork meatball 60gram each
050MI-pork mince
050PICP-pork pickled per kg - pre order **2 day lead time**
050RACK-pork rack frenched per kg
050SCOT-pork scotch per kg
050SCOT200-pork scotch portioned (200 gram ea)
050SHR2-pork shoulder - bone in, skin on
050SHR1-pork shoulder - boned & rolled
050SHR4-pork shoulder - boned & rolled - portioned per kg
050SHR3-pork shoulder - skin off bone out no scotch
050DI2-pork shoulder diced 25mm (imported) per kg - 2 day pre order
050DI-pork shoulder diced 25mm per kg
050SHRP-pork shoulder portions (boneless & skinless) 200gram
050SKIN-pork skin
050SF-pork stir fry
050TE1-pork tenderloin fresh (pork fillets 2's)
050TR-pork trotters - pre order