Image Description Price
285BAGCA5-bag paper carry brown with handle large 250/ctn
285BAGCA4-bag paper carry brown with handle medium 200/ctn-oos
285BAG5-bag paper flat brown #5 235(w)x260(l)mm 500pcs
285BBB6-bags paper block bottom heavy duty no.6 200/pkt
280HOLD-beverage tray perforated 4 cup fibre 25s huhtamaki tdp25(12)
285BICM-bic gas lighter mega
285BIN2-bin liner large 80/82l black bastion 250's
285BLEACH-bleach liquid commerical 5 litre green rhino grk12-5
300CHAF1-chaffing fuel uro 4kg pail (6)
285BATH-cleaner bathroom & toilet enviro g/rhino 5l grg2-5 g2
285DEGRE1-cleaner degreaser enviro g/rhino 5 litre grg5-5 c5
285GLASS-cleaner glass & mirror enviro g/rhino 5 litre grg3-5 g3
285JIF3-cleaner scourer jif lemon cream 375ml
285TOILET-cleaner toilet disinfectant g/rhino 5l grb2-5
285URB1-cleaner urine remover bulk pack clorox 3.78l (4)
285URS1-cleaner urine remover sprayer clorox 946ml (9)
285CHUX-cloth chux superwipes blue 300mm x 45m roll (6)
285CHUX2-cloth heavy duty wipes blue 30cm x 45m roll bastion (4)
285CHUX5-cloth heavy duty wipes brown 30cm x 45m roll bastion
285CHUX4-cloth heavy duty wipes green 30cm x 45m roll bastion (4)
285CHUX3-cloth heavy duty wipes red 30cm x 45m roll bastion (4)
285CHUX1-cloth heavy duty wipes yellow 30cm x 45m roll bastion (4)
285CREAM-cream scouring cleaner (jif) 5lt grk15-5
285DISH13-dish washer industrial detergent auto g/rhino 5l grk4-5
285DISH7-dishwash detergent enviro lemon g/rhino 5 litre grk2-5 (4)
285DISH8-dishwash detergent lemon enviro g/rhino 20 litre grk2-20
285DISH3-dishwash detergent neutral enviro g/rhino 5 litre grk1-5
285DISH12-dishwasher detergent auto g/rhino 20l grk4-20
285DISH11-dishwasher detergent premier 2 in 1 g/rhino 5 litre grk5-5
285DISH10-dishwasher detergent premier 2 in 1 g/rhino 20l grk5-20
285FLUSH-flush internal pipeline cleaner green rhino 5l grk16-5
285SANT-food prep sanitiser green rhino 5 litre grk8-5
285GLOVELPE-gloves pe clear large 100 pack bastion 100/502 (100)
285GLOVEMPE-gloves pe clear medium 100 pack bastion 100/501 (100)
285GLOVEXLPE-gloves pe clear x-large 100 pack uni-glove 100/503 (100)
285GLOVEXLP-gloves powder free latex 100's - extra large (10)
285GLOVELP-gloves powder free latex 100's - large 100/163 (10)
285GLOVEMP-gloves powder free latex 100's - medium bastion (10)
285GLOVESF-gloves powder free latex 100's - small (10)
285GLOVEXL-gloves powdered latex 100's - extra large (10)
285GLOVEL-gloves powdered latex 100's - large bastion 100/153 (10)
285GLOVEM-gloves powdered latex 100's - medium bastion (10)
285GLOVES-gloves powdered latex 100's - small (10)
285GLOVELV-gloves vinyl 100s - large bastion 100/473 (10)
285GLOVEXLV-gloves vinyl 100's - x/large bastion 100/474 (10
285GLOVEMV-gloves vinyl 100's medium bastion 100/472 (10)
285GLOVELVB-gloves vinyl blue 100s - large bastion 100/463 (10)
285GLOVEMVB-gloves vinyl blue 100's medium bastion 100/462 (10)
285RGLOVEL-gloves yellow rubber silverline large 12 pairs/pack (12)
285RGLOVEM-gloves yellow rubber silverline medium 12 pairs/pack (12)
285GRILL-grill & oven cleaner gr 5lt grk11-5
285HANDF-hand foaming sanitiser g/rhino 5l - grs8f-5
285HAND-hand gel sanitiser anti-bac (waterless) g/rhino 5l grs8-5
285SOAP3-hand soap liquid economy green rhino 5lt grs1-5
285TOWEL3-hand towel dispenser silver slimline large (sshtl) pre-order
285TOWEL2-hand towel dispenser silver slimline small (sshts) pre-order
285TOWEL-hand towel dispenser white slimline (whshtl) - pre-order
285DEGRE3-kitchen degreaser enviro green rhino 20 litre grk10-20
285DEGRE2-kitchen degreaser green rhino 5 litre grk10-5
285FLOOR5-kitchen floor cleaner green rhino 20 litre grf1-20
285FLOOR4-kitchen floor cleaner green rhino 5 litre grf1-5
285BATH2-label - bathroom / toilet clean - magenta half label -grhlg2
285DEGRE5-label - degreaser cleaner - grey half label - grhlg5
285FLOORL-label - floor cleaning - yellow half label - grhlg4
285SANTL-label - food prep sanitiser - half label
285GLASSL-label - glass cleaning - blue half label - grhlg3
285SPRAY1-label - spray and wipe cleaning - green half label - grhlg1
285LP15-laundry powder 15kg - lp15 - pre-order
285LPHD15-laundry powder heavy duty 15kg - lphd15
285MOP-mop refill with wide thread head
285PAP6-napkin dinner 2ply black 8 fold xdn125bkp 125x8 ctn-preorder
285PAPR-napkin dinner 2ply brown 8 fold redifold (10x100) carton
285DNAP1-napkin dispenser 1ply white compact fold cost wise 250s x20
285NAPLB-napkin lunch 2ply black 125s x 16 ctn pure xcel- xln125bk
285NAPLW-napkin lunch 2ply white 125sx16 ctn pure xcel- xln125wh
285FLOR-neutral cleaner 5 litre
285FLOOR1-neutral floor cleaner enviro g/rhino 5l grg4-5 g4
285FLOOR3-neutral floor cleaner green rhino 20 litre grf2-20
285FLOOR2-neutral floor cleaner green rhino 5 litre grf2-5
285PAP1-paper towels slimline purevalue 200s x 16 - vh200
285POTG-pot scourer chux giant gold (each) (12)
285POTS-pot scourer stainless steel coarse (each) (12)
285RINSE-rinse & drying aid green rhino 5 litre grk6-5
285RINSE1-rinse & drying aid green rhino 20 litre grk6-20
285RUB60-rubbish bags 60l regal tear top 50 bags per pack (10)
285RUB-rubbish bags 80l best buy 760mmx1000mm 30 bags/roll (20)
285RUB100-rubbish bags paper sacks 890x395x125mm 2ply 100/bdl
285BIN3-rubbish bin liners 120l regal tie string 25s 925x1200mm (8)
285BIN1-rubbish bin liners 80l regal tie 100s (810mmx1000mm) (4)
285SOAP-soap foam dispenser 750ml white (pacer grv-830)- pre order
285SOAP8-soap foam dispenser silver (sfoam) - pre order
285SOAP1-soap foam kitchen anti-bacterial 5lt grs5-5
285SOAP9-soap liquid dispenser silver (ssoap) - pre order
285SOAPW-soap liquid vanilla g/rhino 5lt - grsw1-5
285SPRAY2-spray and wipe all purpose cleaner 5lt grk14-5 green rhino
285SPRAY5-spray and wipe enviro multi purpose green rhino 5l grg1-5 g1
285SPRAYB-spray bottle 500ml and blue trigger (glass cleaning)
285SPRAYG-spray bottle 500ml and green trigger (spray & wipe)
285SPRAYR-spray bottle 500ml and red trigger
285SPRAYW-spray bottle 500ml and white trigger
285SPRAYY-spray bottle 500ml and yellow trigger (floor cleaning)
285SSP5-stainless steel polish 5l super sparkle - pre-order
285WOOL-steel wool fine 4 pack - for metal polish and clean
285TAPEM-tape masking 18 x 50m
285PAP8-toilet tissue 2ply jumbo 300m x 8 perf - xj300 pure xcel
285PAP3-toilet tissue 2ply jumbo 300m x 8 perf -vj300 purevalue
285PAP2-toilet tissue 2ply single rolls 400sh x 48 - vt400 purevalue