Image Description Price
257ACH-achiote paste (mexican) 1kg (per kg) (25)
257ALLS-all spice ground 1kg
257ALL-allspice ( pimento ) whole 500gm (12)
257SPICE-berbere spice blend 500gm
257BUT-butter chicken recipe mix maggi 1.8kg (6)
257CARA-caraway seeds 1kg
257CARA2-caraway seeds 500gm (12)
257CARG-cardamom ground 500g (6)
257CAR-cardamom pods 1kg (6)
257CAY-cayenne pepper 500gm (6)
257CEL-celery seeds 1kg (6)
257CHIL-chilli crushed springbrook 1kg (12)
257CHFL-chilli flakes 500gm (6)
257CHIL14-chilli hot paste korean hcd 14kg - pre order
257CHIL3-chilli hot paste korean hcd 3kg (4)
257CHIL15-chilli hot paste korean hcd 500gm
255CHPOH-chilli powder ground hot 1kg baba's (10)
255CHPO-chilli powder ground mild 1kg (6)
257CHS-chilli shredded red chinese (threads) 100gm (10)
257CHW-chillies whole dried 500gm
257CHAW-chillies whole dried ancho 1kg (2.2lb) - pre order
257CHI-chinese five spice 500gm (6)
257CIN2-cinnamon cassia sticks / quills 500gm (8)
257CIN4-cinnamon ground 20kg - pre order
257CIN-cinnamon ground 500gm (12)
257CHC1-citrus chilli pepper tonami ao yuzu kosho 1kg - pre-order
257CHC-citrus chilli pepper tonami ao yuzu kosho 50g - pre-order
257CLOVG-cloves ground 500gm (12)
257CLOV-cloves whole 500g (6)
257CORR1-coriander ground 500gm (12)
257CORR-coriander seeds whole 500gm (12)
257CUM4-cumin black ( nigella seeds) 1kg - pre order
257CUM3-cumin ground 1kg (10)
257CUM-cumin ground 500gm (18)
257CUM1-cumin seeds whole 1kg (10)
257CUR2-curry powder mild farm by nature 500gm (6)
257FEN3-fennel ground 500g (6)
257FEN-fennel seeds whole 1kg (6)
257FEN2-fennel seeds whole 500g (6)
257FENU-fenugreek seeds whole 500gm
257GAR-garam masala 500gm (6)
257GAR2-garlic flakes 500gm
257GING-ginger ground 500gm (6)
257HAR-harissa premium 500gm
257MAY1-mayan spice gold 1kg tio pablo
257MAY5-mayan spice gold 5kg tio pablo - pre-order
257MISO2-miso paste red soy bean paste red 1kg (10)
257MISO-miso paste soy bean paste white 1kg (10)
257MISO1-miso paste soy bean paste white with dashi 1kg -preorder (10
257MIX-mixed spice 500gram (12)
257MUS3-mustard powder yellow 1kg
257MUS1-mustard powder yellow 500gm (12)
257MUS5-mustard seeds black pouch 1kg (12)
257MUS-mustard seeds yellow 500gm (12)
257NUT-nutmeg ground 500gm (6)
257NUT3-nutmeg whole pouch 70gm (12)
257ONFL-onion flakes 1kg - pre-order
259OP-onion powder 500gm (6)
257PAPH2-paprika smoked 1kg (6)
257PAPS-paprika smoked 500gm (6)
257PAP-paprika standard ground 500gm (12)
257PAPSW-paprika sweet smoked premium la chinata 350gm tin (18)
257PAPS1-paprika sweet smoked premium spanish 500gm equagold
257BUTT-paste butter chicken 1kg asian home gourmet (4)
257BCP-paste butter chicken paste patak's knorr 1.15kg (4)
257BCS-paste butter chicken sauce patak's knorr 2.2l (2)
257CURG-paste curry green 1kg mae ploy (12)
257CURM-paste curry knorr patak's madras 1.15kg (4)
257CURC-paste curry massaman 500gm cock brand (20)
257CURY-paste curry yellow 1kg mae ploy (12)
257LAKSA-paste laksa singapore 1kg asian home gourmet (4)
257MOLE-paste mole poblano tio pablo 210g (12)
257PAN5-paste panang curry thai style maggi taste of asia 500g (6)
257TAN-paste tandoori tikka 1kg asian home gourmet (4)
257TAN2-paste tandorri patak's knorr 1.1kg (4)
257THAI5-paste thai green curry knorr 850g (6)
257THAI-paste thai red curry 1kg asian home gourmet (4)
257RAS-ras el hanout premium 500gm
257SAF-saffron threads organic 1g (12)
257SAGE-sage rubbed dried 500gram (12)
257TIKKA-sauce tikka masala patak's knorr 2.2l (2)
257MASP4-shiu pars pulao masala 400g - pre-order
257MIXED-speculaas european mixed spice 500gram
257ALOO-spices mdh achari aloo masala 100g - pre-order
257ACHA-spices mdh achari chicken masala 100g - pre-order
257GOSH-spices mdh achari gosht masala 100g - pre-order
257CHU-spices mdh chuncky chat masala 100g (10) - pre-order
257MAS-spices mdh dal makhani masala 100g - pre-order
257BIRY-spices mdh hyderabadi biryani masala 50g - pre-order
257MASP50-spices mdh pulao masala 50g (10) - pre-order
257STAR-star anise whole 500gm (6)
257SUM1-sumac 1kg
257SUM2-sumac 500gm
257TUM-turmeric ground 1kg (6)
257WAS-wasabi paste 43gm (10)
257WAS9-wasabi paste 90gm (10)
257WAS2-wasabi powder 1kg (10) wgy / mazuma
257ZAA-zahtar spice mix alexandra's 500gm