All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
150BLUE-blue cheese creamy danablu friendship (please weigh)
155MOZB-buffalo mozzarella 125gm (8)
155BUR-burger (orange cheddar) cheese slices anchor 1kg (10)
155BUR1-burger cheese slices bega (84 slices) 1kg (12)
155GP-cheese grana padano parmesan block per kg
156VEGANM1-cheese vegan mozzarella 1kg block angel food (6)
155FCD-feta cheese danish per kg
155FFSG-feta cheese goat bulgarian 200g food snob (12)
155FGR-feta cheese traditional greek in brine 2kg (4)
155EMM5-german emmental slices 500g yolo (10)
155SWI-german emmental slices 800g friendship (45 pcs per pkt) (6)
155EMM-german emmental yolo / grand'or per kg approx 1.5kg (6)
155FETA4-german feta 4kg
155GC-goat cheese cubes marinated meredith 2kg (6)
155GOAT-goat cheese log 1kg natural quesos/capricho (spanish) (3)
155CCS-goat cheese log french chevre yolo 1kg
155GOR-gorgonzola dolce cheese triangle per kg (approx 1.5-2kg)
155GOUDC-gouda dutch cumin yolo per kg approx 1.1kg (4)
155GOU-gouda dutch yolo per kg approx 1.1kg
155GOUD-gouda smoked dutch yolo per kg approx 1.4kg (6)
155GRU-gruyere swiss cheese yolo per kg about 600gm (4)
155HAL-halloumi cheese cypriot 750g food snob
155HAL4-halloumi cheese taverna grill 1kg (4)
155MANCH-manchego curado cheese (castillo de bayren) 3kg - pre order
155MAN-manchego spanish cheese yolo per kg approx 750gm (3)
155PAN1-paneer pakora 454g (15 pieces x 12 packs) nanak - pre-order
155SAND-sandwich (light yellowchedder) cheese slices anchor 1kg (10)
155SWI1-swiss cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
155SWI2-swiss cheese slices processed anchor 1kg (10)