All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
150BLUE4-blue vein cheese segments mainland 100gm (12)
150BRIE-brie catering creamy mainland special reserve 1kg (2)
150BRIE3-brie traditional puhoi valley per kg
150CAM1-camembert catering mainland special reserve 1kg (2)
154AGC-cheddar cheese block aged puhoi 250gm (6)
154SMC-cheddar cheese block smoked mainland 250gm (12)
154BUR-cheddar sliced cheese natural american style d/works 1kg (4)
150BLUE5-cheese goats blue puhoi cellar range 1kg (per kg)-pre order
150BRIE2-cheese mahurangi blue puhoi valley 900gm (per kg)(pre-order)
150BLUE3-cheese strong blue puhoi 500gm (per kg) (pre-order)
150RIND-cheese washed rind puhoi 500gm (per kg) (pre-order)
154COL-colby cheese block 1kg (18)
154COL1-colby sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
154EDAM1-edam sliced cheese alpine 1kg (4)
154EDAM2-edam sliced cheese meadow fresh 1kg (4)
154JAL-jalapeno colby cheese slices dairyworks 1kg (4)
150BRIE4-kapiti brie aorangi wheel 1kg
151KAHU-kapiti kahurangi creamy blue 1kg
151BLUE1-kapiti kikorangi wheel cod 1kg (1)
151PAKA-kapiti pakari aged cheddar 170gm (3) (black)
151PAKA1-kapiti pakari smoked cheddar 170gm (3) (yellow)
151POCH-kapiti portwine cheddar 170gm (3) (red)
151RAMA-kapiti ramara 200gm (3)
151TUTE-kapiti tuteremoana cheddar 200gm (3) pre order
155SMO-smoked cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)
154TAS-tasty cheese block milligans 1kg (18)
154TAS2-tasty cheese slices alpine 1kg (4)