All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
114PAS1-beef pastrami sliced cooked farmlands 500gm
114RBEEF-beef roast sliced cooked farmlands 1kg
078CSH-chicken shredded roast hellers 1kg
114SIL-corned silverside sliced cooked farmlands 1kg
100CHL2-ham champagne half(manchester) farmlands per kg
100CHLS-ham champagne sliced farmlands 1kg
100CHL-ham champagne whole (easi-carve) farmlands per kg (7-11kg)
100DI-ham diced pizza cut colonial 1kg
100RBLS-ham leg rbc sliced premier beehive 1kg
100SHA-ham rbl shaved manuka smoked huttons approx 1.2kg
100HAM-ham sandwich sliced 4 x 4 hobsons 1kg
100SHA1-ham shaved riviera premier beehive 1kg
114PANW-pancetta italian whole per kg
114PIZZA-pizza combo mix frozen hellers 1kg (12)
112CALA5-salami calabrese hot sliced 500g pkt mf (aus)
112FELM-salami felino mild sliced 500g pkt mf (aus)
112MILD-salami mild sliced primo 500gm
112PEPPSL1-salami pepperoni sliced 500gm verkerks
112PEPPSL-salami pizza pepperoni sliced de gustibus 500g per pkt
112PIZZ1-salami pizza sliced 750gm verkerks