Image Description Price
280BAKE3-baking paper emperor 30cm x 100m (6)
280BAKE-baking paper foodfirst/emperor 450mm x 100m (6) 2913
280HOLD-beverage tray perforated 4 cup fibre 25s huhtamaki tdp25(12)
300009-bio dinner plates sugar cane green choice 500/ctn pre-order
275CUPNAZAR1-biocup dome lid (1000) ctn
310UNICUP2-black hotcup lid 1000's
275BOWL1-bowl eco smart clearview food bowl (150)
275TAKELAR-box takeaway large green choice kraft pla 50's (4)
275TAKEMED-box takeaway medium green choice kraft pla 50's(4)
280FOIL1-catering foil 440mm x 150m foodfirst/emperor 2907
280FOIL-catering foil 440mm x 90m foodfirst / emperor (6) 2906
280WRAP-cling film foodfirst/emperor 330mm x 600m
280WRAP3-cling film foodfirst/emperor 450mm x 600m (6) 2912
280LID2-container lids white liver pail 4l (200)
275TAKEAWAYBASE3-container natural bio base 1000ml (500)
275TAKEAWAYBASE4-container natural bio lid 750ml/1000ml (500)
275PAPERBOWL-container paper bowl 24oz base (500)
275PAPERLID-container paper bowl 24oz lid (500)
280HTP1L-container plastic lids 675-1200ml huhtamaki (35 per pkt)(6)
280HTP1-container plastic trays 1200ml huhtamaki (35 per pkt) (8)
275TAKELUNCH-container sugarcane lunch 500/ctn
280CON5-container white liver pail 4l (25)
280CHR-cream chargers best whip 10 pack (36)
275CUP-cup clear takeaway 16oz/450ml x 1000 ctn greenchoice
275CUP1-cup clear takeaway 16oz/520ml x 1000 ctn emperor
275CUPHOLD-cup holder takeaway 2cup x 400 ctn greenchoice
275CUPHOLD1-cup holder takeaway 4cup x 300 ctn greenchoice
280CUP1-cups hot chips 440ml newsprint compostable 1000s
280FIL-filter grease cones (fat filters) pkt of 50
275FORKW1-fork wooden 160mm x 1000 ctn greenchoice
275FORKW-fork wooden x 100 per pack huhtama
280CUP3-hot chip cup kraft plain 12oz greenchoice 1000's
275KNI-knife wooden 165mm x 1000 ctn greenchoice
275CUPLID-lid dome clear takeaway 12/16oz x 1000 ctn greenchoice
275CUPLID1-lid flat clear takeaway 12/16oz x 1000 ctn emperor
275LIDC-lids dome lid with hole 96m pla 1000's ecoware (1)
275LID-lids eco green choice cpla hot cup lids 50's (20) 1500/371
275LIDHC1-lids hot cup combo snap on 1000 per ctn - pre-order
280MRC2L-lids microready flat round 7cm dia 100/sleeve (10)
280LID3-lids spill resistant for 16oz / 22oz cups huhtamaki 20 x 100
280MUF6-muffin gobake baking cups 50 x 33mm 1000 per pack (5)
280MUF7-muffin gobake baking cups 56 x 45mm 1000 per pack (5)
280MUF3-muffin paper wraps large 60x175mm brown 100 *sleeve* (10)
280MUF2-muffin paper wraps large 60x175mm white 100 *sleeve* (10)
280MUF4-muffin paper wraps large 60x175mm white carton of 1000
280SER9-napkin dinner brown 1/8 fold 400 x400mm 2pl 100 per pkt (8)
280SER-napkin luncheon 1ply white 500's 1/4 fold chef's friend (6)
280SER10-napkin luncheon 1ply white 500's 1/8 fold chef's friend (6)
280SER8-napkin printed dinner 8-f nazar white
280DELI-paper deli brown 200x330mm 1000s pack (5)
275TAKEB5-paperbag brown no11 305 x 410mm 500 ctn emperor
275TAKEB1-paperbag brown no2 160 x 200mm 1000 ctn emperor
275TAKEB2-paperbag brown no4 200 x 240mm 1000 ctn emperor
275TAKEB3-paperbag brown no5 235 x 270mm 500 ctn emperor
275TAKEB4-paperbag brown no6 235 x 300mm 500 ctn emperor
275TAKEB-paperbag greaseproof no4 210 x 240mm 1000 ctn emperor
285PIP1-piping bags emperor large 21" 260 x 510mm
280PIZZA-pizza boxes 12 inch emperor 50 per pack (3)
280PIZZA2-pizza boxes 9 inch emperor 50 per pack (4)
275SBOWL3-sho bowls dome lid 1270ml/48oz x 100 ctn emperor
275SBOWL-sho bowls dome lid 375ml/12oz x 300 ctn emperor
275SBOWL1-sho bowls dome lid 460ml/16oz x 300 ctn emperor
275SBOWL2-sho bowls dome lid 900ml/24oz x 100 ctn emperor
280SKEW1-skewers bamboo 6 inch (150mm) 100's (200)
280SKEW-skewers bamboo 8 inch (200mm) 100's (200)
280SKEW3-skewers knotted cocktail picks bamboo 90mm 100's (100)
280SKEWP1-skewers paddle bamboo 6 inch (150mm) 100's (60)
275SPO-spoon wooden 160mm x 1000 ctn greenchoice
280SQUEEZ-squeeze bottle clear 910ml wide mouth narrow nozzle (12)
280STIRW-stirrers wooden long 140mm wrapped 1000's (10)
280PICK-toothpicks catering pack of 1000 (unwrapped) (72)