All weighted products have approximate 'each' pricing. The exact weight and price will be finalised on your Invoice.
Image Description Price
114SIL-cooked sliced corned silverside farmlands 1kg (10) 5183
114RBEEF-cooked sliced roast beef farmlands 1kg (20) 5182
114JAMON1-ham jamon serrano sliced per kg (approx 300g pkts) pre-order
114PANS-pancetta italian sliced 1kg
114PANW-pancetta italian whole per kg (flat peppered)
114PANS3-pancetta sliced approx. 500gm pkt - per kg pre order
114PIZZA-pizza combo mix hellers 1kg frozen (12)
114PROSS1-prosciutto country style sliced approx 300gm - per kg
114PROSW-prosciutto filo italian whole per kg pre order
114PROSS3-prosciutto sliced 330-360g pkt villani (price per kg)
114SMBEEF-smoked cooked beef farmland approx 1.5kg per kg
114SPECK-speck whole per kg pre order