Image Description Price
201AIOL5-aioli vegan veesey 1kg
201CARA-caramelised onion marmalade prep kitchen 1kg(6)
201KAI-chilli sauce kaitaia fire 150ml
201CHIL7-chipotle peppers in adobo sauce la morena 200g tin
201CAPS-chutney capsicum & apricot barker's 1kg
201PLUM-chutney farmstyle plum & tamarillo 1kg barkers
201GREEN-chutney green tomato & jalapeno 1kg barkers (6)
201MAN-chutney mango & peach 1kg barkers (6)
201EGG-chutney spicy eggplant pickle 1kg barkers (6)
201SUN-chutney sundried tomato & kalamata olive 1kg barkers (6)
201CRAN4-cranberry jelly barkers 2.7kg (4)
201TRUFF-creme tartufata 540gm (black truffle paste)
201BAL2-dressing balsamic vinaigrette french maid 2l (6)
201COLE-dressing coleslaw 5l eta (4)
201CGL2-dressing corriander ginger & lime 2l french maid (6)
201HON-dressing honey mustard masterfoods 2.5kg (6)
201ITAL2-dressing italian french maid 2l (6)
201ITAL-dressing italian masterfoods 3l (4)
201SES-dressing roasted sesame 1l kewpie (6)
201HAR-harissa paste (gf) 1kg barkers (6)
201HP-hp sauce 225ml (12)
201HUM-hummus natural prep kitchen gf 1kg
201PORT-jelly port wine 1.25kg delmaine (6)
201JEL1-jelly red currant 1.25kg delmaine
201MAY8-mayonnaise hellmans deli 2.6kg (4)
201MAY4-mayonnaise hellmans real 2.4kg (4)
201MAY5-mayonnaise hellmans real 20kg
201MAY11-mayonnaise hellmans vegan 2.4kg (4)
201MAYK1-mayonnaise kewpie japanese 1kg
201MAY2-mayonnaise kiwi style 6l (3)
201MAY3-mayonnaise seriously good heinz 900ml
201SWE-mayonnaise sweet chipotle seriously good heinz 900g
201MAY1-mayonnaise vegan french maid 1l (12)
201MAY-mayonnaise watties 5l (3) 7006
201MINTD-mint jelly delmaine 1.25kg
201MINT-mint jelly masterfoods 3.0kg (6)
201MOLAS-molasses pomegranate 300ml
201MAM-mustard american masterfoods 2.5kg (6)
201DDM-mustard dijon delmaine 1kg
201DM-mustard dijon frenchmaid 2.2kg
201MMDIJ-mustard dijon masterfoods 2.5kg (6)
201MCY-mustard french's classic yellow (usa) 2.98kg (4)
201MWS-mustard seeded ( wholegrain) masterfoods 2.5kg (6)
201DWM-mustard wholegrain delmaine 1kg (6)
201OYS6-oyster sauce gluten free linlin 6kg (3)
201OYS2-oyster sauce hayday superior 700g
201OYS-oyster sauce suree 690ml
201PASTE-paste blackberry & brandy 210gm barkers (8)
201PASTE1-paste feijoa & pear 210gm barkers (8)
201PASTE4-paste pepper mild 720g sera
201PES1-pesto basil commercial prep kitchen 1kg pouch (6)
201PES4-pesto basil fresh food by chefs nz 750gm
201PES2-pesto sundried tomato commercial prep kitchen 1kg (6)
201PES5-pesto vegan veesey 1kg (2) chilled (pre-order)
201TOMR-pickle tomato masterfoods 2.6kg (6)
201QUIN-quince paste 400gm
201TOMRE-relish anathoth farm tomato 2.55kg (4)
201BAH1-relish beetroot & horopito fbc 1kg tub (6)
201BEET1-relish beetroot 1kg barker's (6)
201ONION1-relish caramelised onion whitlock & sons 2kg (3)
201ONIO-relish onion heinz 1kg pouch (6)
201ONION-relish onion marmalade springbrook 1kg (12)
201PEAR-relish pear & fig 1kg barkers (6)
201PICCA-relish piccalilli cerebos 2.6kg (3)
201TOM-relish tomato & red pepper 1kg barkers
201TOMATO-relish tomato & smokey chipotle whitlock & sons 2kg (3)
201TOMREL-relish tomato cerebos 4.7kg (3)
201TOMCH-relish tomato prep kitchen 1kg (6)
201AIOLI1-sauce aioli free range with roast garlic fbc 1kg
201AIO500-sauce aioli seriously good heinz 500ml (8)
201AIOL-sauce aioli seriously good heinz 900ml (6)
201AIOLPCU-sauce aioli seriously good heinz pcu 50 x 22gm (4) 7033
201AIOLI-sauce aioli with roast garlic prep kitchen 1kg
201MUS220-sauce american mustard heinz 220ml (8)
201APPL-sauce apple traditional barkers 1kg (6)
201APR2-sauce apricot delmaine 1.15kg
201APRI-sauce apricot spiced barkers 2.32kg (6)
201BBQ500-sauce bbq ez squeeze watties 580g (12)
201BBQ9-sauce bbq kiwi style 6l (3) 7010
201BBQ2-sauce bbq masterfoods 4.7l (3)
201BBQPCU-sauce bbq pcu 30gm x 100 french maid
201BBQ8-sauce bbq smokey french maid 2l (6)
201BBQ3-sauce bbq watties 5l (3)
201BBQ1-sauce brewers bbq hot & spicy 1.15kg barkers
201BUFFCM-sauce buffalo wing culley's mild 3.76l (4)
201BUFFCM12-sauce buffalo wing culley's mild 355ml
201CHARSIU-sauce char siu lee kum kee 2.55kg (6)
201CHARSIU1-sauce char siu lee kum kee 240gm (12)
201HOT-sauce chilli hot masterfoods 3l (4)
201CHIL3-sauce chilli hot sriracha 740ml tuong ot (usa made)
201CHIL-sauce chilli hot sriracha 750ml shark brand (12) (thai)
201SWE2-sauce chinese sweet & sour gf knorr 2kg (6)
201SAL1-sauce chunky salsa mexicasa knorr (mild) 1.95kg
201COCOAM-sauce coconut aminos organic 250ml
201CRAN1-sauce cranberry barkers 2.35kg (6)
201CRAN-sauce cranberry springbrook 1l (12)
201ENCH-sauce enchilada tio pablo 500ml (6) - pre-order
201FISH1-sauce fish golden boy 4.5l (2)
201FISH-sauce fish golden boy 725ml
201FISH2-sauce fish squid brand gf 725ml (12)
201BUFF3-sauce frank's redhot buffalo wing's original 3.78l (4)
201RED-sauce frank's redhot original 3.78l (4)
201BBQ7-sauce french's bbq kansas city 4.48kg
201HOI-sauce hoisin 2.27kg lee kum lee (6)
201HOIGF-sauce hoisin gluten free linlin 6kg (3)
201HOI2-sauce hoisin lee kum kee 240g
201HOL2-sauce hollandaise french maid 1l (12) 7007
201HOL3-sauce hollandaise garde d'or knorr 1l (6)
201HOLL-sauce hollandaise prep kitchen 1kg (6)
201HON1-sauce honey mustard 2l french maid (6)
201HP2-sauce hp original upside down 390ml (12)
201NAP-sauce italiana napolitana gf knorr 1.95kg (6)
201TUSV-sauce italiana tuscan vegetable gf knorr 1.95kg (6)
201TER2-sauce japanese teriyaki gf knorr 2.1kg (6)
201SAT2-sauce malaysian satay gf knorr 2kg (6)
201MAY500-sauce mayo seriously good heinz 500ml (8)
201CHIP3-sauce mexican chipotle hot & spicy 1.03kg barkers
201MINT2-sauce mint delmaine 570gm
201MON2-sauce mongolian knorr gf 2.1kg (6)
201MOR2-sauce moroccan gf knorr 2kg (6)
201PASTA5-sauce pasta cabonara dolmio 490g x 6
201PERI-sauce peri peri portuguese gf knorr 1.95kg (6)
201PLU2-sauce plum delmaine 1.15kg
201PONZ-sauce ponzu obento 250ml
201CHIL8-sauce red mexican sauce la morena 2.8kg tin (6)
201SAT-sauce satay masterfoods 2.7kg (6)
201BBQ5-sauce smokey bbq seriously good heinz 900gm (6)
201CHIP1-sauce smokey chipotle rio dolores 1l (12)
201SOY16-sauce soy 1.6l kikkoman (6)
201SOY-sauce soy 3l kikkoman (4)
201CHH2-sauce soy chinese honey gf knorr 2.1kg (6)
201SOY82-sauce soy dark 8l lee kum lee (2)
201SOY3-sauce soy gluten free 1.6l kikkoman
201SOY22-sauce soy gluten free lee kum kee 1.94l
201SOY515-sauce soy light lkk 15kg (economic)
201SOY5-sauce soy premium dark 500ml lkk (12)
201SOY9-sauce soy superior light camill 2.27kg (12)
201SOY4-sauce soy sweet kecap manis abc 620ml
201SOY6-sauce soy tamari organic 250ml (6)
201SPEED-sauce speedway 5l 7003
201CHIL1-sauce sriracha red tomato (gf) 1.13kg barkers (6)
201FRY1-sauce stirfry vegetarian 2.3kg lee kum lee (6)
201SWEETPCU-sauce sweet & sour pcu 30gm x 100 french maid
201STC26-sauce sweet thai chilli 6kg penta (gluten free) (3)
201STCPCU-sauce sweet thai chilli pcu 30gm x 100 french maid
201TAB1-sauce tabasco 150ml smoked chipotle pepper
201TAB-sauce tabasco 350ml red pepper
201TAB4-sauce tabasco 60ml habanero (12)
201TAB3-sauce tabasco 60ml jalapeno green pepper (12)
201TAR2-sauce tartare kiwi style 6l (3)
201TAR-sauce tartare watties 5l (3) 7002
201TYAKI-sauce teriyaki french maid 2l (6)
247COUL-sauce tomato buitoni sugo al pomodoro coulis 3kg (6)
201STC7-sauce tomato chilli jam/relish gf knorr 2.15kg (6)
201TOM500-sauce tomato ez squeeze watties 565g (12)
201TOMHNZ-sauce tomato ketchup (gf) heinz 4l (3)
201KET1-sauce tomato ketchup heinz 300ml (squeeze me bottle) (12)
201PCU3-sauce tomato pcu masterfoods squeeze on 14gram x 100
201RIP1-sauce tomato rip n dip 24 x 120gm watties 7032
201TOM3-sauce tomato traditional delmaine 1.1kg (6)
201TUI-sauce tomato tuimato delmaine 575g
201TOMPCU-sauce tomato watties pcu 8ml x 300
201WOR4-sauce worcestershire delmaine 580g (12)
201WOR-sauce worcestershire lea & perrins 2lt (4)
201XOA-sauce xo abalone extra hot 80gm amoy (12)
201SCHIP-sweet tomato & smoked chipotle relish prep kitchen 1kg
201TAM4-tamarind paste 454gm pantai (12)
201TOM1-tomato sauce kiwi style 6.5kg